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Doing business in the EU

Areas where SOLVIT can help business

If your business is based in an EU country, it should be able to sell or buy goods or provide services freely in other EU countries. If you face obstacles because a public authority does not respect EU law – then SOLVIT can help. SOLVIT will contact the authorities to find informal, out-of-court solutions to your problem. This video explains: - what kind of problems SOLVIT can help with – marketing products, providing services or obtaining VAT returns for products bought in another EU country - how to get help from SOLVIT.

Please also find links below on Your Europe Business, a European Commission website which provides information on doing business in the EU.

The information provided below covers the following areas : starting a business, managing a business, expanding your business, benefitting from the EU market, research and innovation ,the environment, and the formalities in exiting a business in the EU.

- Start ups

- Managing a business

- Expanding your business

- EU Market

- Research and innovation

- Responsible business

- Exit strategy

Please find links below to other European Commission websites which provides information on doing business in the EU.

- Information portal for SME's

The European Small Business Portal