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Welcome to the Irish SOLVIT Centre

SOLVIT is an informal problem-solving network created to solve problems that EU citizens or businesses are experiencing with the public administrations of EU Member States. These problems must be associated with a denial of their Internal Market rights due to Internal Market law not being applied correctly.

How SOLVIT works

Unfair rules or decisions and discriminatory red tape can make it hard for you to live, work or do business in another EU country. Thus, if you, as an EU citizen or business from another EU country, face extra obstacles caused by a public authority which isn't doing what is required under EU law -- then SOLVIT can help. SOLVIT will contact the authorities to find practical, out-of-court solutions to your problem. This video explains how SOLVIT works, what to do to use it and what assistance you can expect from SOLVIT.

Latest News

Taking Care of Business One-Stop-Shop for Your Business

This free event will take place on Thursday 16th October in the Printworks Conference Centre in Dublin Castle.

The half-day event is specifically targeted at people thinking of starting a business as well as small business owners and managers. Attending the event will allow entrepreneurs to:

  • Better understand the key regulations that affect them so that they can focus on the main task of running their business;
  • Meet experts from a broad range of public bodies in an informal setting;
  • Find out about advice and supports that are available from across the public sector.

To register for the event and for more details including the running order of presentations and the full list of State Bodies attending, please visit Early booking is strongly advised as there are a limited number of places available.

Taking Care of Business Button

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Travel Notice

The Irish SOLVIT Centre regularly gets requests for urgent help in relation to travel issues (Visas) over the Summer holidays and other holiday periods. Non-EU family members of EU citizens should make enquiries with the Embassy of the Member State they intend visiting in good time before finalising their plans.

Please note, SOLVIT can only act where there has been a misapplication of EU law by a public body and cases can take up to 10 weeks to resolve. Therefore it is often not possible for SOLVIT to assist with such complaints.

There are SOLVIT Centres in all EU and EEA States. SOLVIT aims to solve people's problems within a 10 week deadline.

As SOLVIT represents an informal approach to problem solving, the SOLVIT system would not be used in situations where:

  • Legal proceedings are under way
  • The problem relates to a legal obstacle e.g. where the problem concerns an obstacle which results from a legal provision of national law. In this situation, it is unlikely that an informal system such as SOLVIT will be able to provide redress
  • Where deadlines under national law need to be respected

The Irish SOLVIT Centre is not an information service. If you require further information please click on the external links to relevant organisations and bodies on the left of our home page. Please also note that the Centre is not a public office.

Please note that the disclosure of citizens’/businesses’ details and documentation by the Irish SOLVIT Centre are, in almost every case, essential to the handling and resolution of the problem.