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About Us

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SOLVIT is an informal problem-solving network created to solve problems that EU citizens or businesses are experiencing with the public administrations of EU Member States. These problems must be associated with a denial of their Internal Market rights due to Internal Market law not being applied correctly. There are SOLVIT Centres in each EU country and in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. SOLVIT aims to solve people's problems within a 10 week deadline.

As SOLVIT represents an informal approach to problem solving, the SOLVIT system would not be used in situations where:

  • Legal proceedings are under way
  • The problem relates to a legal obstacle e.g. where the problem concerns an obstacle which results from a legal provision of national law. In this situation, it is unlikely that an informal system such as SOLVIT will be able to provide redress
  • Where deadlines under national law need to be respected

The Irish SOLVIT Centre is not an information service. If you require further information please click on the external links to relevant organisations and bodies on the left of our home page. Please also note that the Centre is not a public office.

  • The disclosure of citizens'/businesses' details and documentation by the Irish SOLVIT Centre are, in almost every case, essential to the handling and resolution of the problem.

How to Submit a Complaint

Complaints should be submitted through the European Commission SOLVIT website complaint form. Before submitting a complaint you should ensure that you have gathered all supporting documentation so that it can be uploaded to the complaint database.

SOLVIT does not provide an advice service. Should you need information on your EU rights you should first consult the Your Europe website where you can find information on your EU rights including practical information on moving around the EU for citizens and businesses.

Should you require more specific legal advice you should consider contacting the Your Europe Advice service. Your Europe Advice is a team of independent legal experts who can:
• provide free and personalised advice in your language, within a week
• clarify the European law that applies in your case
• explain how you can exercise your EU rights

SOLVIT Ireland can be contacted by email. (The office is not open for walk-in appointments)